• SD McGrath

Ink or Acrylic? Markers or Pencils?

I realized something. Every year around this time, I find myself just wanting to PAINT. As in paintings on canvas. I don't know if it's the itch to make ornaments and well, that is how I do them but....I just yearn to work with paint as opposed to anything else. There is a special feeling that I just can't explain. All I can do is express it on canvas. There is a crisp in the air. The night sky is filled with the aroma of hard wood burning in the nearby fireplaces. I feel a special connection to nature with the change in the colors of the foliage and once the leaves are gone you can see the abandoned nests that were occupied during the Spring and Summer and you wonder, "Where did they go?"

And then I just want to make a hot cup of tea and paint...

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